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PsychEd: educational psychiatry podcast

Sep 12, 2022

Welcome to PsychEd, the psychiatry podcast for medical learners, by medical learners. In this episode, we present a focused summary of the latest changes in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-5-TR) with our guest expert — Dr. Michael First, a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University, NY. Dr. First is an internationally recognized expert on psychiatric diagnosis and assessment issues, he is the editor and co-chair of the DSM-5 text revision project (DSM-5-TR), the editorial and coding Consultant for the DSM-5, the chief technical and editorial consultant on the World Health Organization ICD-11 revision project and was an external consultant to the NIMH Research Domain Criteria project (RDOC).


The learning objectives for this episode are as follows:

  1. Understand the rationale for undertaking a DSM-5-TR as well as the revision process itself

  2.  To become familiar with disorder, text and symptom code additions and modifications to the DSM-5-TR

  3.  To understand the purpose and function of the DSM in its current form and be able to contemplate future directions


Guest Expert: Dr. Michael First – staff psychiatrist and professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University, USA.

Produced and hosted by: Dr. Alex Raben (staff psychiatrist) and Saja Jaberi (international medical graduate)

Audio editing by: Dr. Alex Raben

Show notes by: Saja Jaberi

Interview Content:

2:53 - Learning objectives

3:34 - Brief description of the DSM and its history

4:54 – ICD vs. DSM 

7:43 - Rationale behind the new revision

11:11 - Characteristics of the DSM-5-TR revision process and the people behind it

16:54 - Case presentation and Differential Diagnosis

23:07 - Prolonged Greif disorder

27:04 - Most important changes to the terminology used in the manual

39:34 - Pros and cons of the DSM

44:30 - A brief Comparison to the RDOC Framework

49:04 – Future Directions of the DSM




CPA Note: The views expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect those of the Canadian Psychiatric Association.


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